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Saturday, April 22, 2006


I keep having dreams about Gary Busey.


Anonymous you know who said...

i had two nightmares last night... except the one where a guy i don't really know was showing me around his house that had a four-story car garage.

gave me some sweet builder ideas.

4:48 AM  
Anonymous Ann Coulter said...

I also find myself haunted by the Gary Busey tragedy, Jim. It is sad to see him throw away his career of over 100 great American films to be a part of Turkish Anti-American propoganda like Kurtlar vadisi - Irak. I am sure he will see the fruits of his treasonous soul-whoring when his 7 other movies which come out in the next year are flops at the box office!

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Moi said...

Sorry, Ann, but Jim is right!

Gary Busey is a dream. His big physique and teeth are just dreamy.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Sue said...

Maybe it's because Bravo keeps showing The Firm!

8:14 PM  
Blogger Jim Weed said...


What is the Gary Busey tragedy I don't know what it is.

And what does The Firm have to do with any of this?

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Ann Coulter said...

The tragedy is that Garey Busey sold his soul to the Turkish terrorists who made the anti-American movie about the war in Iraq. No true american would have anything to do with such filth- portraying America as the antagonist- and yet Garey Busey did. I would have thought that after his performances in The Magnificent Seven Ride, Bonanza, and point Break, he would be the last person in Hollywood to prostitute his soul like this.

10:08 AM  

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